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Primary Bible Truths (63 page hardback)

Primary Bible Truths (63 page hardback)

The sooner we begin to train our children on the truths of God’s Word, the easier their Christian growth will be. Primary Bible Truths is a resource for parents as they begin to lay a spiritual foundation in their children’s lives. Very small children will enjoy the colorful illustrations and will be able to easily grasp what is being taught while older children will find opportunity for further study. See the digital tab under the Resources drop-down menu to order the corresponding coloring pages.

What others are saying?

Primary Bible Truths is a good resource to bring God’s truth home to the student. Its one-point lessons quickly grab the attention of a child and visually help them to picture themselves in those truths, lasting long after the lesson is over.
– Abb Thomas, Founder Master Clubs

Primary Bible Truths is an excellent resource for parents and teachers. Simple Bible truths are expressed in a format easy for children to understand. We here at King’s Kids International Baptist Mission are delighted to endorse this book.
– Dr. Keith Thibo, Founder King’s Kids

Christian parents need to actively train their children to know and serve the Lord. Primary Bible Truths gives today’s parents a platform to begin discussions of their faith.
– Ed Dunlop, Children’s Author and Evangelist