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Primary Bible Sign Language (83 page hardback)

Primary Bible Sign Language (83 page hardback)

After being reminded that the Deaf community is one of the most unreached groups, God burdened me with the desire to put together a resource for our fellow Deaf Christian families. I created this resource with elements from both The Primary Bible Dictionary and Primary Bible Signs, including ASL hand signs for letters A-Z and numbers 1-10. Primary Bible Sign Language was designed to be your child’s first reference book. It encourages personal Bible study, giving your child a greater understanding of God’s Word and training them to be students of the Bible. See the digital tab under the Resources drop-down menu to order the corresponding coloring pages.

What others are saying?

The Deaf community has long been overlooked by the church! Any way that can be changed is welcomed! The hand alphabet of the American Sign Language (ASL) is the first (and easy) step to communicating with Deaf people! This book is well done and may be the means of some Deaf person ‘hearing’ the gospel! Enjoy the learning!!!
– Jim Sloan, Deaf Outreach Ministries, Inc.

Primary Bible Sign Language is a great way to encourage children to learn the Bible and become interested in Sign Language at the same time. The colorful images and Manual Alphabet characters can help parents teach memorable Bible truths to their children. It is good to have this resource available for Deaf and hearing families.
– Jon Barr, President, Silent Word Ministries