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Primary Bible Families (63 page hardback)

Primary Bible Symbols (63 page hardback)

In a day when the world is attempting to redefine what a family is, we must make it a priority to teach our children God’s design for the family. God instituted the family, and He explains throughout Scripture the different roles and responsiblities of each family member. Ever since God created man and the family, Satan has been trying to destroy it because he knows that strong homes make for strong churches and strong chuches make for a strong nation. As I share my story from childhood to parenthood, I pray it will open discussions with your children about what God has to say about families. See the digital tab under the Resources drop-down menu to order the corresponding coloring pages.

What others are saying?

The biblical design for the family is modeled after God’s own family, the Trinity. This institution is the key to the success of any society. If the family fails, church, government and everything else fails! Because of this fact, and the blatant attack by Satan on the home today, Bro. Newman has shouldered the responsibility to write this children’s book, detailing b iblical principles, set forth in his own autobiography, to show us God’s idea of a successful family. May this book grace the hands of many parents and young readers who are eager to make their home what God intended.
– Jason Caldwell, Evangelist

Primary Bible Families is a wonderful, scriptural, practical book. It fosters biblical thinking on what is means to fulfill your role in the family God placed you in. It teaches about godly families in a way that is simple, truthful, enjoyable, and helpful. This book will be a blessing to anyone who reads and studies it’s truths.
– David Corn, Evangelist