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Men of Faith from the Civil War (124 page paperback)

Men of Faith from the Civil War (124 page paperback)

The economic and social impact of the Civil War is often recognized, but many do not realize the spiritual impact it had on the United States as well. People became fearful for their lives during the Civil War and turned to God and the Bible for help. Every generation throughout history has had examples of great men of faith; the Civil War era was no different. In fact, this time in our nation’s history produced some of our nation’s greatest leaders. As you read about the faith of these great men of the past, I hope it challenges you to live a life of faith as well.

From the Foreword:

Men of Faith from the Civil War is an inspirational read that gives you a deeper look into the godly character and lives of key individual during a dark moment of our nation’s history. These biographical sketches will endear your heart to these brave men who boldly stood for what they believed while trusting in the Lord. I really enjoyed reading this book and believe you will as well.
    – Caleb Garraway, Evangelist