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Men of Faith from Our Nation’s Pulpits (123 page paperback)

Men of Faith from Our Nation’s Pulpits (123 page paperback)

All the churches of our nation have been operated by a pastor who has given up his time and effort into the work of the church. Ever since the beginning of this fine nation, there have been pastors who have served their people and stood up for what was right and were not afraid to point out those who were leading others astray. As believers and servants of God, we should look up to those great pastors who have led the churches that formed America and made her what she is spritually. May we follow in their footsteps and build upon the standard that they have set.

From the Foreword:

In these pages, you will have the opportunity to read a brief summary of some of the “Men of Faith” that God used to bless and challenge our nation. The men of which you read are men that came from varied backgrounds and training, but nevertheless, they all took a firm stand upon the Scriptures, salvation, and service to the Lord. May God bless you, encourage you, and challenge you as you read “Men of Faith from Our Nation’s Pulpits.”
    – Pastor David Carr