Proverbs 27:17 says that Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. These friends need to be the right kind of friends, however, friends that will have a positive influence in one’s life to live for God.

God calls men to be the spiritual leaders. Young men will never become the spiritual leaders God wants them to be, however, without the proper training from seasoned men of God. Bro. Newman developed the ‘Iron Sharpenth Iron’ ministry as a tool for these seasoned men of God to become the iron that sharpens the younger iron of the church.

‘Iron Sharpeneth Iron’ incorporates food, fellowship, and discipleship into the knife making process in order to build closer relationships conducive for discipleship. Each session includes a meal (optional), a short devotion, and time spent on personally making a knife that each individual designs for themselves. Throughout the process, each young man is also gaining craftsmanship skills they can use at home or in the workplace. Over the years, churches have used this ministry as an outreach tool as this is something that a man will come to that would not otherwise don the door of a church on a Sunday morning. Through the course of the program, many unbelievers have trusted Christ and many others have become faithful to church attendance.

To start an ‘Iron Sharpeneth Iron’ ministry at your church, please contact us.

$50 (68 pages )

Churches wanting to start an Iron Sharpeneth Iron (ISI) ministry at their church need to identify a man who go through the ISI Directors training at a current ISI location. This manual is purchased during the week of training. It lays out the entire process step-by-step, with photos, of the ISI knife-making process. The manual also includes all thirteen devotions to be used during the weekly sessions, knife design templates, and much more. This manual is a help to the directors leading this ministry to fall back on when needed.