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Soul Winning Fears Unwarranted (29 page booklet)

My goal within this booklet is to create a greater awareness and appreciation for the Great Commission and give Christians a sense of urgency for sharing the Gospel with a lost and dying world. Unfortunately, many sincere born again believers have not fulfilled this command because of fear. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this fear including the fear of rejection, fear of mockery, and fear of inability to answer questions. If Christians would simply take some time to understand a few simple truths from God’s Word and claim the promises therein, they could squelch these fears. Within these pages, I will attempt to explain those simple truths and address these fears in order to encourage every believer that they can in fact win souls to Christ. God’s plan of salvation is such that even a child can understand, and anyone can lead another soul to Christ. Fears associated with soul winning are unwarranted and should not prevent a Christian from soul winning.