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Primary Bible Questions (63 page hardback)

Children are very inquisitive and curious by nature. They are also extremely impressionable, learning more at their young age than they will the rest of their adult life. This is why it is important that we give them true biblical answers before they are indoctrinated with the world’s ideas. Primary Bible Questions is a compilation of some of the most common questions children ask. Answers are given in simple, easy terms that children can understand, and are backed with the Bible. Going through this book with your children will show them that the Bible has an answer to everything we need to know if only we’ll take the time to read and study it. See the digital tab under the Resources drop-down menu to order the corresponding coloring pages.

What others are saying?

Bro. Newman has a sincere heart for children and for the truth of God’s Word. In these pages, he has compiled some great questions and conversation starters, along with some simple and practical Bible answers that any child can understand. These would be really great just to make available to your children or to use in a devotional time with them. Moms and dads might even find the answers helpful as well.
– Dave Young, Evangelist

Children have questions! The great questions in life should be answered from the Word of God. Parents and children’s workers need special grace and wisdom to lovingly, patiently guide children to God. Use this helpful resource as you seek to reach and teach boys and girls for Christ.
– Scott Pauley, Evangelist