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Primary Bible Dictionary (63 page hardback)

We must make it a priority to teach our children the Bible. The Primary Bible Dictionary was created to be your child’s first reference book. It encourages personal Bible study, giving your child a greater understanding of God’s Word and training them to be students of the Bible. It also doubles as a lesson book with corresponding Bible passages which provide Bible application and opportunities to discuss its biblical significance throughout the week. No matter your role in a child’s life, you will find the Primary Bible Dictionary to be a useful resource in training them. See the digital tab under the Resources drop-down menu to order the corresponding coloring pages.

What others are saying?

What a great idea to have a dictionary of Bible words with simple and complete definitions that a child can understand and with colorful, visual illustrations that capture a child’s attention. I have been in youth work for 39 years and have come to realize that the quicker we capture the heart of a child the more surrendered they will be as a teenager. Also, I know that if potential in a child goes undeveloped, unused, and unnoticed a horrible thing will happen – NOTHING! Thank the Lord that Bro. Nelson notices and wants to develop helps that pull that potential out of each child.
– Reno Likins, Evangelist

I highly reocommend the Primary Bible Dictionary! The author understands a child’s learning level and he writes accordingly. It is a unique book written as a guide to support you as you teach and train your children and/or grandchildren in biblical knowledge. My wife and I will be using this biblical tool in our home as we join hands with our children to teach and train their children to live for Christ.
– Tim Rabon, Pastor