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Lessons Learned from the Bible (221 page hardback)

I strongly believe that one of the primary problems among born-again Christians is apathy towards what God wants to teach us. The things that are heard, read, and learned are not applied to our lives in order to make positive changes toward Christlikeness. Some would call it casual Christianity. “Lessons Learned from the Bible” is a resource that will help us apply the lessons we learn from the Bible to our individual lives.

What others are saying?

From the Foreword by Attorney David C. Gibbs, Jr.: Brother Newman has carefully and comprehensively identified for pastors and laypeople alike vital virtues and vile vices addressed in the Word of God. He has rightly divided the Word of Truth in such a way that I am personally inspired to “put on” Christ-like character and to “put off” carnal, compromising character.

“Lessons Learned from the Bible” will be a valuable resource for any serious servant of Christ. Brother Newman does a great job correlating Bible situations with 21st Century truths to practice. You will love it and can use it immediately to strengthen others in your sphere of influence.
– Pastor John Wilkerson

Every Christian has a responsibility to reproduce himself. I’m sure lots of time has been put into Brother Newman’s effort to produce “Lessons Learned from the Bible.” I pray it will be a blessing to many people. I am thankful for my copy.
– Pastor Clarence Sexton