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101 Things to Consider (228 page hardback)

101 Things to Consider (228 page hardback)

“101 Things to Consider” was written to give Christians things to think about prior to making decisions in life. We are all faced with decisions in life. Unfortunately, most Christians make decisions without seeking God, considering the consequences, or getting counsel. If we desire to make decisions that result in a positive outcome, we must not neglect some simple Bible principles for decision making.

What others are saying?

From the Foreword by Pastor Johnny Pope: My summation of this book is shoe-leather Christianity, something we can walk in. It’s something we can use. As I am reading “101 Things to Consider,” the first thing that comes to my mind is the incredible coupling of Scripture from topic to topic. This book makes you think but only through the Word of God.

I believe that you will be inspired and instructed as you read “101 Things to Consider.” It is a guide to what I call “practical Christianity,” how to live the everyday life for Christ. Brother Newman wrote it from his heart and the Bible.
– Pastor Joe Arthur

The journey of being a disciple of Christ brings several curves in the road and sometimes we are not sure which direction to go. Decisions have to be biblical. “101 Things to Consider” is a guide to point you back to God’s Word when confronted with the decisions of life.
– Evangelist Morris Gleiser