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Primary Bible Truths for Children Coloring Pages (27 count)

Help reinforce the topics covered in Primary Bible Truths for Children with these coloring pages. Specialists suggest that something needs presented at least three different ways in order for a person to best apply and remember it. Children are hearing the story when it is read to them, seeing it demonstrated in the colorful illustrations, exercising their brain when they memorize the verse, and getting tactile involvement when they color the pictures. This resource includes a blank coloring page of each illustration in the book as well as a blank coloring page of the cover illustration. After purchase you will receive a PDF file via e-mail of the coloring pages so that you can print out the page that corresponds to the topic you are covering with your child.


Iron Sharpeneth Iron Outreach & Discipleship Program Manual (56 pgs)

God calls men to be spiritual leaders. Young men will never become the spiritual leaders God wants them to be, however, without the proper training from seasoned men of God. Being a machinist by trade since 1993, I decided to use those skills to reach people for Christ through the art of knifemaking. I developed the 'Iron Sharpeneth Iron' ministry as a tool for these seasoned men of God to become the iron spoken of in Proverbs 27:17.

The first step to developing spiritual leaders is to see men saved and involved in their local church. Many churches have come to realize that the easiest way to get men in the door of a church is to provide them a good meal. Hunters' banquets have become rather popular as a way to provide a meal coupled with exhibits and talks on those things that interest many men - hunting and fishing. Although the motivation and intentions behind these banquets are admirable, the spiritual results are generally minimal. They provide one evening, one opportunity to share the gospel and give an invitation. Often times the visiting men are never seen again, at least until next year's banquet. With the ISI program, there are several weeks to gradually and gently introduce the gospel and Christianity to them. It gives ample opportunity to establish rapport, build trust and form relationships. These things will more likely lead to true salvation decisions and church attendance than a one evening meeting can.

Why knives? Not all men are interested in hunting and fishing, but I have found that nearly all men take an interest in knives. There are not too many men who wouldn't want to make their own custom knife. Iron Sharpeneth Iron is like Subway for knives. Just as a person picks their bread, meat, cheese, toppings, etc., they get the opportunity to do the same in this program. The shape, handle material, guard, corby bolts, pommels, etc. are all at the discretion of the maker. There are many ways and methods to make a knife, but I have tried to come up with a process that is easy and can be repeated over and over again. The end result is a quality, custom-made knife that not only looks good, but is durable and gives one pride in their craftsmanship.

Whether you follow this process laid out in this manual to a tee, deviate from it to meet your desired design or purchase knife kits and assemble them, the ministry works in the fact that it attracts men who for any other reason would not attend church. Once you have completed the program once, you can repeat it again as frequently as you would like. Repeat sessions allow others to go through the program that missed it or just to continue discipleship.

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