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Defending the Faith through Counseling (221 page hardback)

Defending the Faith through Counseling is a quick reference guide that the pastor, Christian worker, Christian counselor, or layperson can use to counsel others. The user will be able to find the answer to their topic quickly and easily and the answer will be given in a concise yet thorough manner. When using Defending the Faith through Counseling you can be sure that you are receiving Bible counseling as every topic is supported with Scripture.

What others are saying?

From the Foreword by Dr. Raymond W. Barber: Such a treatise is needed as never before in a day when the masses of people are looking in all directions for the solution to their problems. Brother Newman has provided Bible-based answers to the most pressing questions and solutions to the most complicated problems people in all walks of life confront each day.

I highly recommend the book Defending the Faith Through Counseling written by Nelson Newman. It has good resources to help with our daily issues and needs, and I pray the Lord will use this book to bless your ministry.
    - Dr. Bobby Roberson

Faith in God is key to living a noble Christian life. This helpful book presents the great truths from Gods Word into an easy to read format on the vital topics we need to believe and practice! God bless you Bro. Newman!
    - Dr. Byron Foxx

In this well organized book, Nelson Newman has provided a brief synopsis of important subjects, as well as a list of pertinent scripture. It will be helpful both to those asking questions and to those answering them.
    - Dr. R.B. Ouellette

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Primary Bible Truths for Children (64 page hardback)

The sooner we begin to train our children on the truths of God's Word, the easier their Christian growth will be. Primary Bible Truths for Children is a resource for parents as they begin to lay a spiritual foundation in their children's lives. Very small children will enjoy the colorful illustrations and will be able to easily grasp what is being taught while older children will find opportunity for further study. See the e-books tab under the Resources drop-down menu to order the corresponding coloring pages.

What others are saying?

Primary Bible Truths for Children is a good resource to bring God's truth home to the student. Its one-point lessons quickly grab the attention of a child and visually help them to picture themselves in those truths, lasting long after the lesson is over.
    - Abb Thomas, Founder Master Clubs

Primary Bible Truths for Children is an excellent resource for parents and teachers. Simple Bible truths are expressed in a format easy for children to understand. We here at King's Kids International Baptist Mission are delighted to endorse this book.
    - Dr. Keith Thibo, Founder King's Kids

Christian parents need to actively train their children to know and serve the Lord. Primary Bible Truths for Children gives today's parents a platform to begin discussions of their faith.
    - Ed Dunlop, Children's Author and Evangelist

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Soul Winning Fears Unwarranted (28 page booklet)

My goal within this booklet is to create a greater awareness and appreciation for the Great Commission and give Christians a sense of urgency for sharing the Gospel with a lost and dying world. Unfortunately, many sincere born again believers have not fulfilled this command because of fear. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this fear including the fear of rejection, fear of mockery, and fear of inability to answer questions. If Christians would simply take some time to understand a few simple truths from God's Word and claim the promises therein, they could squelch these fears. Within these pages, I will attempt to explain those simple truths and address these fears in order to encourage every believer that they can in fact win souls to Christ. God's plan of salvation is such that even a child can understand, and anyone can lead another soul to Christ. Fears associated with soul winning are unwarranted and should not prevent a Christian from soul winning.

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Iron Sharpeneth Iron Devotional Booklet (32 page booklet)

These weekly devotionals are taught in the Iron Sharpeneth Iron Knife Making and Discipleship Ministry program. Each devotional correlates to a step in the knife-making process and applies it to the spiritual application that can be made in one's life. The devotionals challenge participants to accept Christ first and foremost, but then to grow in Him and choose friendships that sharpen their walk with the Lord.

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